Visual Quran on Iqraa International Live TV Channel

| April 1, 2014 | Comments (0)

Watch Iqraa TV live online. Another great effort by the Muslims in UK to broadcast multiple Islamic content-based programs to further better educate Muslims across the globe.

Iqraa TV live streaming not only brings Islamic educational programs but also broadcasts live visual Quran with its recitation and translation in English. A few of the related programs in this regard are discussing various issues faced in our daily lives and their solutions with relevant Quran Ayats and Hadith.

Iqraa Intrenational live tv channel also broadcasts programs that highlight issues Muslim community is facing all over the world. When speaking of Muslim majority countries, there aren’t any issues in particular. But when we look at places where Muslims are present as a minority, we get to know how difficult it is for them to survive

Through Iqraa TV live streaming, we all Muslims can seize the opportunity to unite globally and raise our voices against the oppression caused by few non-Muslims and not letting us practice the rightful guidelines sent by Allah (S.W.T).


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