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Al Quran tv is a an Arabic channel dedicated on broadcasting Quran related programs including Quran recitation, translation, tafseer and much more. You can now watch Al Afsay Quran channel online.

Al Quran tv or Al Afsay Quran channel online is basically in an initiative by a Kuwaiti Shaikh Mishary Al Afsay. Though the channel is named after the Shaikh, yet it‘s every program revolves around Islamic ideology and the message of Allah (S.W.T).

Also to mention here, Shaikh Al Afsay himself is an excellent reciter of the Holy Quran and one can clearly see the difference between him and any other person while reciting the Holy Quran. The channel also gained popularity because of the breath taking style of Al Afsay’s recitation.

Every Muslim for once should tune into Al Afsay Quran channel online and try to convince other people to watch it as well. Al Quran tv live is truly a channel which has the capability to engage any person – be it a non-muslim to at least listen to it once and be curious enough to know the meaning of what is being recited.

A humble message to all Muslims brothers and sisters here is to share Al Quran channel online as much as they can so that teachings of Islam can b spread world over.


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