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No matter what part of world are you in, if you are a Muslim, your heart will be in Mecca. Makkah live is one of the premium Islamic TV channels, which broadcasts live coverage of events and programs directly from the Holy Kaaba.

For every Muslim, it is an utter wish to visit at least once the home of Allah (S.W.T) and witness the magnificence it carries. For some reasons, may be at time due to His will, we are unable to do so. But through live streaming from Makkah, we can experience the same atmosphere and imagine ourselves as if we are almost physically present in Mecca.

Makkah live TV HD brings live streaming from Makkah. The transmission broadcasts live coverage of 5 times prayers held in the vicinity of Holy Qaaba. You can also listen to informative Islamic lectures, Khutbas directly from the Imaam-e-Qaaba and join in the Duas that take place after every prayer.

There are many other similar channels to Makkah live, including Medina TV, Tarawih prayer online from Makkah and 4shbab TV online.  You can watch all of them live here on makkahpoint.

Allah (S.W.T) bless us all. Ameen.


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