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Watch Medina Live 24/7 right here on Makkahpoint. Medina TV is one of the most popular Islamic channels broadcasting live from Medina – a city in Hejaz, Saudi Arabia. Now you can be a part of 5 prayers, Khutbas and Bayans by tuning in to live stream from Medina TV.

Previously we, put in effort to bring you live streaming of Makkah TV which covers all the prayers and bayans live directly from Khana Kaaba. This time we extend our efforts one step further in making you a part of all the activities loved by Allah (S.W.T) held at Masjid-ul-Nabwi and the region of Medina by streaming Medina TV live online.

Apart from prayers and other Islamic events, Medina TV covers several Islam related informative programs for the Muslims all over the world. In the recent chain of events, they have now launched in US as well and streaming of Medina TV live online is possible in Ohio.

Medina TV also broadcasts programs in multiple languages including English and Arabic. These programs include Bayaans by famous scholars including Molana Tariq Jamil & others along with programs where Muslim brothers and sisters can put their questions to knowledgeable Ulama and scholars.

Watch Medina TV live online to increase your knowledge about Islam and live your life as a better Muslim.

Allah (S.W.T) bless us all. Ameen.


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