Watch Tarawih Prayer Online from Makkah

| March 31, 2014 | Comments (0)

Watch Taraweeh TV live online. Taraweeh channel live is an online Islamic channel that broadcasts live Taraweh from Mecca throughout the month of Ramadan.

Not only Tarawih prayer online from Makkah broadcasts Tarawih prayer during Ramadan, but also broadcasts prayers 5 times a day from Mecca. It is indeed a dream as well a desire for every Muslim to offer 5 times of prayer in Mecca right in front of the Holy Qaaba.

But what if we told you that by watching Taraweeh channel live you could be part of each prayer that is offered in the vicinity of Holy Qaaba along with listening to Khutbas and Duas recited by Imaam of Qaaba.

Now you can watch Tarawih TV live online and offer your prayers along side the prayers offered in Mecca.


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